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New (2nd) Batch of Swahili bible verse bookmarks

The first batch of 7000 Swahili bible verse bookmarks that I printed for my friend on Tanzania mission trip had run out! You can see where all the first batch of 7000 had been distributed to in this post and also under the category of Church Ministry. Basically, my friend could not take all 7000 with her to Tanzania and the remainder had been distributed to churches/missionaries who found my blog and requested for their mission trips.

As this bookmark ministry has been such a blessing to me, i have designed 7 more bookmarks and printed them to continue this ministry. Unfortunately, the commercial printer print job was not up to standard this time round, and i rejected 2 of the 7 designs I let them print. So, now I only printed 5000 (1000 of each design) below.

Swahili bookmarks - sheep and (clueless)clay designs

Swahili bookmarks - sheep and (clueless)clay designs

Swahili bookmarks with heart design

Swahili bookmarks with heart design

So far, I had already sent 1200 bookmarks to Rebecca in Tanzania, 700 bookmarks to Anne whose church is going to Tanzania in October and 900 bookmarks to Nancy whose church is going to Kenya in October.

Which means as of Feb 2010Jan 2010 Sep 09, I have 650 950 1950 bookmarks left! (5000-200 rejected for not good quality-50 distributed to members of my Shanghai bible study group, 1200 to Rebecca, 700 to Anne in US, 900 to Nancy in US, 1000 to Keith in US, 300 to Kimberley in Australia). Pray for me that these bookmarks will richly bless the recipients in Africa!

5 comments to New (2nd) Batch of Swahili bible verse bookmarks

  • Kim

    Hi there,

    I came across your blog and I am quite interested in the Swahili bible verse bookmarks that you designed. On Oct 24, 2009, I will be going on a 4-week medical missions trip to Kapsowar, Kenya, working in a missions hospital where I will hopefully have the opportunity to share the gospel and/or pray with the patients there.

    So I was wondering if you could e-mail me the details of your bookmarks, like the price, the ordering process, etc. I know there’s only 2 weeks left before my trip, so I’d understand if it’s not enough time. But I’d still like to hear from you. :)
    Thank you!


  • Jennifer

    Hi there! I am leaving for a mission trip in Kenya in three weeks and just found your adorable bookmarks! Would it be possible for me to get the graphics from you so I can make bookmards in time to take with us?

    In Him,

  • Keith W


    I wrote to you in July, 2009 about the Swahili bookmarks, but it was too late to get them for my trip to Kenya.

    Well, I am going back to Kenya, I leave on Feb. 6, 2010. Hopefully there is time to get some of your bookmarks sent to me before I leave. Please email me with details about how we should proceed. I will be visiting several towns/churches in Kenya and I know the people (especially the children) would be greatly blessed by the bookmarks.

    Thank you and may Jesus be your reward.

  • mei

    It takes at least a month for the bookmarks to reach US by SAL. Have sent Keith 1000 bookmarks and sorry to Kim and Jennifer.. next time!

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