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October 2008
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Swahili Bible verse bookmarks

A quick update after a month long absence – The Swahili bookmarks that I have been working on have finally been printed!

I printed a 1000 of each design, refer to my christian gift store for them.


About 700 have been given to my dear friend to bring to Africa while the rest are currently FREE for whoever has a desire to bless and reach out to people who read Swahili. As these bookmarks are completed with the blessing of God’s resources, I want to make good use of them and therefore require whoever who wants these bookmarks to let me know the purpose of having them (i.e. not for your own use or to keep in the drawer).

I am not sure how these bookmarks will bless anyone but pray and trust God that they will be!

33 comments to Swahili Bible verse bookmarks

  • terry


    I found your site ” by accident”, and would love to have some of your Swahili bookmarks.
    I work with refugees outside of Atlanta GA
    We have many from Burundi, Congo, Somalia, and others who speak Swahili as a first or second language. We are also meeting with a small group of Burundian/ Rwandan women for Bible Study.

    Please let us know of any expense for these, as we would love to have them to pass out to our friends!

  • mei

    Hey, so good to hear from you and am so happy that you found my site ‘by accident’!

    Have emailed you, can’t wait to hear from you soon.

  • Gina Rudd

    Hello! I am an ESL teacher at my church in Amarillo, Texas. I am also a Bible Study teacher on Sunday morning for a wonderful group of Burundians. We also have people in our International Department from Sudan and Liberia. I would love to have some of your bookmarks. Please let me know what the postage and/or cost is for the bookmarks.
    God Bless!
    Gina Rudd

  • mei

    Hi Gina, have emailed you but yet to receive your reply. I used the email that you input when making the comment to this post, is that the email account that you are checking?

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Dear Sister Mei,

    Greetings from Kenya!

    I just visited your blog and wanted to thank you for your willingness to bless others with your talent through those wonderful bookmarks.

    Kindly give us a time to consult with the local post office here in Kenya concerning the terms of receiving such packages from abroad. And if we find it convenient, we will then get back to you again. We certainly would not want the precious resources you send end up just getting wasted. Lately, Kenya post office regulations have changed and the process of claiming the parcels from abroad became little more complicated. Another option is for you to send them to us via DHL, which however will be quite costly on your side.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and the works of your hands is our prayer.

    Sincerely yours,
    Pastor Paul Lee
    Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training & Commission —
    The Power Army Movement —
    Covenant Commitment Form —

  • Dear Mei,

    Kindly send us some few copies of the bookmarks with Swahili bible verses for us to see. I hope most Swahili bible readers will like them.
    I personally truly appreciate your service to the Lord in that area. May the Lord himself bless you abundantly!


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  • mei

    To Paul Lee, thanks for your very prompt email replies and I am praying that the 600 bookmarks can get to you by wednesday!

    To Dastan, will be emailing you in a minute.

  • Alison


    I am returning to Kenya in April 2009 for my second mission trip to that country. My team will be ministering to people in a small city in western Kenya, as well as sharing God’s love with various needy groups of people in Nairobi. I would love to be able to take some Swahili bookmarks with me to share with the people we meet. I’m sure we’ll be working with at least 100 adults, if you can spare that many. God bless you for making these available.

    To the praise of His glorious grace!

  • mei

    Just sent the bookmarks to Alison! And 4,450 bookmarks left, will see how God use them!

  • The mission of the Church is to carry the Gospel of Jesus into all the world.Mei you are doing exactly God’s purpose.Good connection.Thanks and peace.
    Please send us the remaining book marks.We will be blessed to distribute to others.Amen!
    Pastor James

  • Greetings,
    We would love to have some of you wonderful Swahili bookmarks to give to the orphans in our AOO sponsorship program in Kenya. They would love them.

    Let me know how we can arrange for them to be shipped to our US office so we can send them on to the children.

    Blessings, Christine

  • Our church school students are working to raise money to purchase Swahili Bibles for a small school in Kisi, Kenya. I came across your website and thought it would be wonderful if we could include your bookmarks as well. Please let me know how this might be possible. Thank you very much!

  • mei

    To Christine from Pastor James,


    We are waiting the shipment from Mei and certainly will re-route some of them to your group.
    Pastor James”

    Thanks Pastor James, will be emailing you African Orphan Outreach address.

  • Christina

    I found your website while looking to purchase something small and flat in Swahili to send to the children my family has chosen to “adopt” and sponsor in Kenya. If you have any left please let me know. Just a few would be a tremendous blessing. I would love to purchase them or send you a donation. (I am very excited to have found this site!) God Bless you and your ministry to those who speak Swahili.

  • mei

    Hi Christina, will get in touch with you to find out how many you need. Meanwhile to everyone out there, I am planning to have my own CluelessClay e-Store so do support me then!

  • Ann

    Hi, I would love some of the bookmarks if you have any left. I will be going on a short term mission trip to Tanzania, and I think it would be a respectful gift to give to the local people we will be ministering to. We will be visiting orphanages and hospitals, and helping with conferences for pastors, and a separate conference for pastors wives (who are usually left out).

  • Hi I would like to get hold of some of your cards! As I know plenty of people who would appreciate them! Including myself! :-) Asante sana!

  • Denise Warsalla

    I’m going back to Uganda, Kenya in Aygust. Also going on a safari in Tanzania. I’m starting a outreach for christian workers on safari called, Jesus on Safari. These christian workers usually stay on safari for 6 months at a time and there is no local church around. I would like to bring the book marks
    on my missions trip to bless as many I can.

  • Rhonda Pecoraro

    The Swahili Bible Verse Bookmarks would be great for our mission trip to Kenya for June 2009. Please let me know how I can order them.


  • mei

    Have sent Ann and Christina the bookmarks.

    Awaiting email reply from Rhonda, Denise and Ruth.

  • Ruth Dickey

    Your website came to my attention as I was doing a search for Swahili materials to take with me on a three week mission trip to Tanzania. Last year I had the opportunity to encounter hundreds of young children, many who were infected with HIV. I would be interested in taking bookmarks with me as a gift to the children. Last year I took stickers, but they were written in English — of what use is that? I will be flying out the third week of June. Will you be able to help me. God bless and thank you for your help. Ruth Dickey

  • mei

    Hey, Ruth – if you are reading this thread, do email me back as your email address bounced and I couldn’t followup with you on your request.

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  • Dena

    Dear Mei,
    I am going on a mission trip to Tanzania in two weeks.
    I would love to have some bookmarks to give to the childre. in Yulansoni where we will be working with the preschool and at the orphnage in Singida. How wonderful that you are using your gift from God in such a lovely way. My Daughter, Kayli and son in law Brian are also artists and dedicated Christians. They are in their early 30’s so you have much in common. May God Bless you

  • Anne Campbell

    Are these bookmarks still available either to purchase or for a donation? I will be going with a group to Tanzania in October and am looking for bright and uplifting items to give to the children. I looked on the Christian Shop page but did not see any information regarding availability or price. Please let me know. Thanks.

  • Valerie Davidson

    Oh I’m so excited to have found this site! My best friend is leaving for a missionary trip to Kenya in two weeks. I’m preparing a sort of care package to send with her. These bookmarks are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Do you have any you would send me for her?

    Thanks so much! Valerie

  • Keith W

    I was searching for Swahili bibles and found your site. I would love to get some of the Swahili bookmarks if there are any available. However, I don’t know if we have time to do it before my trip to Kenya. I leave for Kenya on Aug 1, 2009 and would love to take some of these bookmarks with me to give away as gifts to the churches and leaders that we will meet.

    Please email me and a let’s see if we can make this work.

  • Lauren Reece


    I am part of a church sponsored mission team headed to Kenya in October for a short term mission trip. We will be working with Foundation Stone Ministry at the orphanage in Bondo. We will also be doing some street ministry and worship services. I was surfing the internet looking for material in Swahili and came upon your mission site. These bookmarks would be an awesome gift and a great way to open up witnessing opportunities. I would appreciate some for us to take with us…it will also help us learn the language
    Thanks and God bless you and your mission!
    Lauren Reece

  • mei

    Hey, just to let you everyone know that the bookmarks will take a month to arrive, so for Keith, Valerie and Dena, sorry.. got to let me know earlier, at least a month+ ahead of the mission trip.

    Anne Campbell, will get back to you in August regarding the bookmarks for your trip.

    Lauren, waiting for your estimate on the number of bookmarks required.

    God Bless!

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  • Keith W


    I wrote to you in July, 2009 about the Swahili bookmarks, but it was too late to get them for my trip to Kenya.

    Well, I am going back to Kenya, I leave on Feb. 6, 2010. Hopefully there is time to get some of your bookmarks sent to me before I leave. Please email me with details about how we should proceed. I will be visiting several towns/churches in Kenya and I know the people (especially the children) would be greatly blessed by the bookmarks.

    Thank you and may Jesus be your reward.

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